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Hawaiian Residents: Click Here for Long Distance Plans Available in Hawaii!

Getting the cheapest long distance phone rates won't always save you the most money!

Compare U.S. long distance phone service, international calling plans and U.S. & international calling cards (including rechargeable prepaid phone cards) and start saving today! We also offer local phone service bundled with unlimited long distance calling, discount conference calling, U.S. and international cell phone services, international callback, international long distance plans, unlimited VoIP phone service, toll free 800 phone numbers, cheap dial-up internet service, high speed DSL, satellite TV deals and much more!

Saving money on your phone bill is not as easy as many people are led to believe. Gimmicks, hidden fees, and surcharges often cloud the truth behind advertised rates.

We have carefully researched many phone plans and other telecommunications and technology-based services and have gathered together the best on this website. Simplicity and straightforward pricing plans are what you will find here at All World Phone.

We especially encourage businesses to participate in the savings found here. The easiest way to improve the profitability of your business is to reduce overhead costs; such as long distance and other phone expenses.

Bookmark this page and return often because we are constantly adding new services and products at deeply discounted rates.

U.S. Long Distance Phone Plans
We represent only the best long distance carriers. Each company has demonstrated the ability to offer our customers a great rate as well as world-class customer service. Our free long distance service comparisons will help you find the best calling plan for your phone service needs. Can't decide which plan you like the best? Use our Long Distance Rate Calculator to find out which carrier can save you the most money.

Also be sure to see if you qualify for one of our Local Phone Service plans, many of which are bundled with unlimited long distance service.

Prepaid Long Distance (Available to callers in the USA)
Experience the Prepaid Long Distance Service that was created in the best interest of the CONSUMER! Prepaid long distance can be used from any USA telephone (including your cell phone) with no need to switch phone companies, no need to remember and dial PIN numbers and with none of the extra hidden fees associated with most phone cards. Our prepaid long distance service costs only 1.9¢ to 2.9¢ per minute to anywhere in the US and Canada. Do you want to save on international calls? You'll have access to some of the cheapest international rates in the industry - under 10¢ a minute to 200 different countries!

International Long Distance Plans
Do you want to relax while making international long distance calls and not have to worry about the bill? We offer super low international long distance rates - 24/7!

Local Telephone Service
Take advantage of reliable low-cost alternatives to your local phone company. Get the same (or better) feature-rich telephone service while enjoying unlimited long distance service! Do you only call a handful of people? Then check out our bundled plans with free member-to-member calling which, in many cases, can save you even more money!

Canada Long Distance Phone Service
Cheap long distance in Canada is now available and Canadian residents can save more than 70% off the domestic and international long distance rates charged by Telus and Bell Canada. Discount calling cards and other phone services are also available.

International Calling Plans (Global Origination)
You don't have to be in the United States or Canada in order to take advantage of low international phone rates. We've found several international calling plans with low international long distance rates for calls from almost anywhere in the world!

Phone Cards
U.S. and international calling cards offer a great way to lower your phone expenses! With our quality selection you are sure to find the cheapest rates for a domestic or international calling card that matches your calling requirements! We offer a variety features and payment options (both prepaid and post-paid cards... including instant access rechargeable prepaid calling cards!) We invite you to compare our various phone card options and get the plan that's right for you. Holiday or business travelers, flight crews, students, military, international travelers and just about anyone making telephone calls from the road will save money by carrying one of our discount phone cards.

10-10 Numbers and "Portable" Dial-Around Phone Services
Get cheaper in-state and cheaper international phone rates without switching your long distance provider!

International Callback Services
Making calls from outside U.S. borders? Are you tired of getting gouged with the artificially high international long distance rates that foreign carriers charge? We have a solution for you: international callback service! International Call Back Service provides you with access to low U.S. international long distance rates on your calls placed from outside the U.S. - thus avoiding artificially inflated phone rates due to foreign monopoly and/or taxation.

VoIP Phone Service
If you have access to a broadband internet connection, you can get a telephone number in virtually any area code of your choosing and make and receive calls from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world for one flat monthly fee.

Cellular / Wireless Phone Services
Get the best cellular plan for your needs at the lowest prices available! All World Phone is proud to do business with the leading U.S and international wireless companies all of whom have agreed to lower their rates for visitors of this web site. Compare cell phone plans offered by AT&T Wireless, Verizon, Sprint PCS, Voicestream (T-Mobile), Cricket, Cingular, Orange and others and start saving today!

Conference Calling Services
Conference calling services designed for business and personal or family use. Our phone and web conference services are extremely user friendly, reliable and affordable!

Business Long Distance Service and Dedicated T1 Lines
Compare business long distance plans. We offer distinct calling plans which are customized for small, medium and large volume phone use. Our U.S. and international long distance rates are among the lowest in the industry! We also offer dedicated T1 service. T1 service is often an ideal solution if your company has multiple offices or locations which need to send vital data back and forth to one another. Compare our business phone service rates with what your present provider charges. You'll be glad you did!

Toll Free Phone Number Services
A toll-free number (also referred to as an "800 number") is a service where the party receiving the call pays for the call, rather than the caller. This is a cost effective alternative to calling cards or calling collect. Currently, any phone number beginning with 800, 888, 877 or 866 is a toll free number. One particularly useful toll-free service is the Kall8 "follow-me" toll-free service.

Dial-up Internet + High Speed DSL Service Providers
Get dial-up internet access today for 50% less than the "big guys" are charging - without annoying pop-up ads or hassles. If you truly want the most out of your internet experience, then you'll want to look into high speed cable internet, DSL service and satellite internet services!

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