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Packet8 VoIP Phone Service Unlimited long distance to U.S. & Canadian telephone numbers (and other Packet8 subscribers worldwide) for only $19.95!
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For anyone who lives outside the U.S. or needs to call home while travelling abroad, we offer top-notch billed and prepaid international calling cards plus low rate Call Back Service that can save you big money on your international long distance charges. We also offer money-saving international cell phone service!

Discount Phone Service for Canadian Residents - CLICK HERE for details!

International Call Back Services

International call back services let you access low U.S. long distance rates even when calling from other countries. Callback is particularly well suited for those who will not need to frequently change the numbers from which they want to place phone calls.

Who Can Benefit From International Call Back Service?

  • U.S. military and service personnel throughout the world
    Keep in touch with family and friends more often!
  • Americans living abroad
    Call home affordably and reliably!
  • Government agencies, banks, institutions, professional firms and businesses of all kinds
    International Call Back can greatly reduce your telecommunication expenses!
  • Anyone looking to lower the cost of international calls placed from cell phones
    (Note: Cell phone users looking to save on international calls FROM THE U.S. may also wish to consider one of our "portable" dial-around plans.)
  • Anyone in any non U.S. country needing to make calls to other countries affordably

Click here to learn more about international call back service!

Global Calling Cards

If the phone numbers you need to call from change frequently, it's tough to beat the convenience of global calling cards.
The following calling card companies allow users to place international calls from numerous countries:

Billed Global Calling Cards
AccuGlobe Calling Card
AccuGlobe Calling Cards have great international rates. For commercial and residential use. Billed monthly. There is no per-call surcharge with the exception of payphone calls. Online signup. Web call details, automatic credit card payment available. A $1 fee applies each month you use the card. Calls are billed in 6 second increments after the first 30 seconds from when you call the toll-free access number in the country you're dialing from. AccuGlobe also offers terrific U.S. domestic rates.
CogniCall Global Calling Card
The CogniCall Calling Card is perfectly suited for the world traveler. It functions both as a discounted domestic U.S. calling card at 6.9 cents/minute AND you can take it outside the U.S. to over 50 countries worldwide while enjoying low international rates and high quality connections. There is no per-call surcharge, period. Six-second billing increments. CogniCall has NO activation and NO monthly statement fee. All billing is online, so you can access your account at any time.
Prepaid Global Calling Cards
Cloncom Calling Cards Cloncom Prepaid Calling Cards
Excellent selection calling cards (with some of the lowest rates available) to call from and to virtually any country in the world. Rechargeable cards with optional automatic recharging are also available at this site.
prepaid card search
Prepaid Card Search Global Prepaid Cards offers global prepaid cards with low U.S. rates and outstanding international rates from quality providers like AT&T. Many of the calling cards, such as the Jupiter Rechargeable Calling Card, have no connection charges, no maintenance fees, and PIN free access!
Enjoy Prepaid Long Distance
Annoyed with paying too much for long distance? Irritated with entering a PIN number every time you want to place a call? Sick of getting disconnected mid-conversation when your phone card balance gets too low? With Enjoy Prepaid, you can enjoy the savings of your phone cards, but never need to enter a PIN again! At your option, you can have your account recharge automatically and avoid unwanted disconnections. Travelling? You can use the same Enjoy Prepaid account to call to and from countries around the world!

International Cell Phone Service

International Cell Phone Plans (with mobile phone service for the UK, Australia and Germany plus many other countries)

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