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International Cell Phones with FREE Incoming calls!

Are you living outside of the U.S.? Are you tired of of paying through the nose for your international long distance calls? We have a solution: International Callback Service. International Call Back Service allows you to access low U.S. international long distance rates on calls placed from outside the U.S. - thus avoiding artificially inflated phone rates due to foreign monopoly and/or taxation.

International Call Back Service Providers

The following callback services offer great rates for people who need to make international long distance calls from overseas (non-USA) locations:

UWT International Call Back Service - Click here for more info!

United World Telecom International Callback Service

UWT Callback Service makes saving on long distance easy! In addition to offering high-quality connections, top-notch customer service, and outstanding rates, UWT Callback Service provides its customers with monthly invoices that provide highly detailed information about each call made. These features are ideal for companies that need to monitor consumption by employee, client, or supplier. This service is available worldwide - all you need is a telephone! UWT has NO sign up fee, NO minimum usage requirement and there is NO deposit or prepayment required!

UWT's low rates, unique features and service quality make it the callback provider we recommend most.

CLICK HERE to learn more!

TelCan International Callback - Click here for more info!

TelCan International Callback Service

Telcan International Callback service is a viable alternative to the services offered by inflexible and unresponsive monopolies. By "re-originating" calls to their telecom switch, TelCan is able to bill calls at very low rates which the monopolies can't even approach. TelCan's online account management system lets you see your call details within seconds after your call is completed! You can see for yourself how long each call lasted and the cost; and you will only be billed for calls connected for at least 30 seconds! You'll also be able to view your current invoice, change your billing information, change your registered number and add new services instantly! No setup fee. No monthly fee as long as your usage is at least $20. A $4 monthly fee applies if usage is under $20.

CLICK HERE to learn more!

Frequently Asked Questions about Callback Services

Question: How do I make phone calls using Callback service?

Using a touchtone phone:
  • Contact the Callback service either through the internet or by dialing a special "trigger" number and hanging up after one ring.
  • Within seconds you will receive a call from the system (the "call back").
  • After you answer this call you will be instructed to dial your destination number.
  • When your call is finished, simply hang up or press # on your keypad to place another call.

Question: Can Callback service be used from a cell phone?

Yes. Call back works on any line that can receive an incoming call. Because many mobile phone providers do not charge airtime for calls received, in addition to saving on long distance charges you might also eliminate airtime charges since callback system calls are perceived by your operator as incoming only calls. Please verify with your cell phone provider as to whether airtime is charged for received calls.

Question: Can Callback service be used with a fax machine?

Yes. Simply pick up the handset and call the trigger number and hang up. When it calls back, pick up the handset, dial the destination number and then press the Send button once you hear the fax tone.

Question: Is Callback legal in my country?

On June 15, 1995, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission determined that call back service violates neither U.S. domestic nor international law. Some countries' monopoly phone companies will claim that call back is illegal and threaten customers with termination of service. In most cases, this claim is not supported by law or by their government. (Note: For those who are unable to access Callback for either legal or technical reasons, Global Calling Cards are an excellent alternative.)

The FCC has a mechanism whereby foreign governments can demonstrate that they have passed a law specifically banning call back and obtain FCC assistance in stopping call back operators in the U.S. from providing service to their individual countries. To date, only the Philippines and Saudi Arabia have passed such laws and petitioned the FCC.

Additionally, the FCC's International Bureau maintains a public information file for submissions from any government which seeks to put U.S. carriers on notice that call back using uncompleted call signaling has been declared expressly illegal in it's territory. It should be noted that this public file and list of countries are for informational purposes only. Inclusion in the public file does not constitute FCC judgment on the issue of whether a submission by a foreign government would be valid evidence of illegality in an FCC proceeding.

You can see the latest information at the U.S. Federal Communications Commission Website.

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