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Hawaiian Residents: Click Here for Long Distance Plans Available in Hawaii!

Dial-Around Service (i.e. bypassing your long distance carrier by either dialing 10-10-XXX or a toll free access number) is a great way to save on international and in-state long distance calls. With dial-around service, you can enjoy cheaper in-state and cheaper international phone rates - WITHOUT switching your long distance provider!

"10-10" Dial-Around Services

If you don't want to switch your long distance service for any reason, we recommend the "10-10" dial-around" services offered at These 10-10 dialaround plans allow you to get great international long distance rates and low U.S. rates without having to change your long distance provider. Please note that the 10-15-335 and 10-10-629 plans are not "portable" and can only be used from the landline phone which you use for local phone service. On the other hand, our "portable" dial-around plans can be used from multiple phone numbers - including cell phones!

Huge savings for customers who make calls with longer durations.
Only 39¢ for the first 10 minutes and just 3.9¢ per additional minute for all state-to-state calls anywhere in the USA. Outstanding international rates. In-state rates as low as 4.9¢ per minute. 10 minute minimum per call. No fees if monthly usage is $5.00 or more. A low usage fee of $2.95 applies for any month with under $5.00 usage.

Just 4.9¢ per minute for all state-to-state calls. Low international rates.
Competitive intrastate rates as low as 4.9¢ per minute. Calls billed in 1 minute increments with 1 minute minimum per call. A low usage fee of $2.95 applies on accounts for any month with usage under $5.00.

"Portable" Dial-Around Plans (Ideal for Cell Phone Users)

Portable dial-around services (accessed via toll-free and/or local access numbers) are ideal for those who need to place calls from multiple locations and are especially well suited for making international calls from cell phones.

Prepaid dial-around service

Enjoy extremely low domestic and international rates from any U.S. phone without any extra "hidden" taxes or fees:
Tel3Advantage Phone Service - Click Here!

Tel3Advantage Flex Plan

Tel3Advantage is a service you can use from any U.S. phone, without the hassle of switching phone companies or paying hidden fees associated with phone cards.

You can register up to 10 phone numbers from which you expect to make frequent calls as "Instant Access" numbers. By registering these phone numbers, you avoid the inconvenience of entering your account number and PIN each time you make a call. Simply dial the Tel3Advantage access number and then dial the number you wish to call!

Do you wish you had the flexibility to make international calls from your cell phone without paying the astronomical rates of your wireless provider? Tel3Advantage's low international rates are often as much as 90% less than those offered with most cell phone plans. Just register your U.S. cell phone number and you can make all the calls you want ... without having to enter any account numbers or PIN numbers!


Postpaid dial-around service

lf you prefer to be billed once a month for your calls (without having to pay in advance), the following postpaid Dial-around Services are recommended:
PowerDial Toll Free Dial-Around
PowerNetGlobal's PowerDial Dial-Around Service is perfect for people who wish to take advantage of PNG's low state-to-state rate 6.4 cents per minute as well as OUTSTANDING INSTATE PHONE RATES - WITHOUT having to switch long distance carriers! PowerDial also offers better than average international rates but, in most cases, our other dial-around plans have even lower international rates.
CogniDial Dial-Around Service
CogniDial Toll Free Dial-Around features LOW international rates and only costs 6.9/min to anywhere in USA-48 from USA-48! CogniDial has NO per-call surcharge, period. Online signup. For commercial and residential users. Web call details. Six-second billing increments. Automatic credit card payment. This service is now available from the U.S.-48, Hawaii, Alaska, AND CANADA! Please check the rate files for actual costs from each area.
AccuDial Dial-Around Service
AccuDial has all of your alternative Long Distance problems solved with no strings attached with NO PER CALL MINIMUMS OR SURCHARGES! The service offers the same low rate 24/7, with HIGHLY COMPETITIVE INTERNATIONAL PHONE RATES. U.S. Domestic 48 calls (both state-to-state and in-state) are only 5.9/min. AccuDial's QuickDial ANI recognition service makes placing calls fast and easy. AccuDiaL dial-around service also works as a calling card - you can take it with you and use it from any other phone - including payphones and cell phones!

Need help choosing the postpaid dial-around service with the lowest rates from the U.S. or Canada to the country you call the most?

Try our Postpaid Dial-Around Rate Calculator!

Postpaid Dial-Around Rate Calculator

Calling From:
Calling To:
Call Duration:

Also try our International Calling Card Rate Calculator!


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