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When you get a toll-free number, you pay for the call rather than the caller. Besides being invaluable for many businesses, having a toll-free number is a cost effective alternative to calling cards, pay phones or calling collect.

Toll-free service is ideal for families with children in college or friends/family that can't afford to call long distance. In the U.S. any number with an area code of 800, 888, 877 or 866 (and eventually 855) is a toll free number.

One of our providers, United World Telecom, even offers international toll-free numbers for use by callers in non-U.S. countries!

Programmable US Toll-Free Numbers
Calls can be forwarded to phones (including cell phones) in any country in the world!

With our Programmable Toll-Free Services, you can have your toll-free number ring to a destination number anywhere in the world (fixed or cellular) and you can instantly modify it via Internet so that you can be reached anywhere! All of our programmable toll-free services are "stand alone" products so you don't have to change your long distance provider to be able use them!

Kall8 Toll Free
Kall8 On-The-Fly "Follow Me" Toll Free Service
Route a custom 800 number to your business or residence and change it at anytime using a secure web site. Need freedom? You've got it! Use one of our vanity numbers or use one of your existing numbers by transfering it over. Kall8 "Follow Me" Service has many unique enhanced features that you just can't find anywhere else! Your Kall8 toll free number can be answered anywhere in the world, so your overseas locations can have a local presence in the U.S. and your customers will not have to make expensive international calls to contact you. Standard Kall8 numbers are only $2 to set up and $2 per month for account maintenance. Automatic credit card payment. Six-second billing increments.
TelCan Toll Free Service

TelCan's Callture Programmable Toll Free Service
Get a U.S. toll-free number that can be forwarded to ring anywhere in the world! TelCan offers one simple rate of 4.5 cents per minute within the continental United States and similarly low international rates if you need your calls forwarded to a non U.S. telephone number. You can change your ring-to number in real time by logging into your account. All calls billed in 6 second increments (30 second minimum). NO set up fee! Low $2 monthly fee. Vanity numbers available!

TelCan now offers a feature-rich "Virtual PBX" system and, for a limited time, you can try it out FREE for 30 days! Click here to get your free trial of the TelCan Callture Virtual PBX service!


Programmable US Toll-Free Numbers PLUS International Toll-Free Number Services
Calls can be forwarded to phones (including cell phones) in any country in the world!

UWT U.S & International Toll-Free Number Service
United World Telecom "Call Me 800" Programmable Toll Free Service
United World Telecom's "CallMe 800 Toll Free Service" has outstanding U.S. and international rates and can be set up to ring to anywhere in the world (fixed or cellular) and you can instantly modify the "ring-to" number via the Internet or by phone! You can even select a toll-free number of your choosing when you order! Online call details provided with every account.

Do you have customers or other acquaintances located in countries besides the USA? Would you like to be able to offer them a toll-free number that they can use to reach you; no matter where you are? Let United World Telecom help you!

In addition to offering U.S. Toll-Free Numbers, UWT "Call Me 0800" can also set you up with international toll-free numbers that can be accessed by callers from the following countries:

Argentina Denmark Ireland Philippines
Australia Finland Israel Poland
Belgium France Italy Portugal
Brazil Germany Japan Puerto Rico
Canada Greece Luxembourg South Korea
China Hong Kong Mexico ** Sweden
Colombia Hungary Netherlands Switzerland
Costa Rica India New Zealand Thailand
Domincan Republic Indonesia Norway United Kingdom
Destination number can be anywhere in the world (fixed or cellular) and you can modify it by phone or via Internet so that you can be reached anywhere.
** UWT Toll Free Numbers in Mexico can only forward to U.S. phone numbers.

Stand-Alone Toll-Free Service (USA Only service)
Calls can be forwarded to any U.S. landline phone or cell phone.

Our least expensive stand-alone toll-free service is offered by PNG. With stand alone service, there is no need to change your long distance provider! Although this service doesn't allow you to instantly change your "ring-to" number in the way that you can with our programmable toll-free services, you can set up this service to ring to any U.S. phone number (including cellular phone numbers).


PowerNetGlobal Stand Alone Toll-Free Services
Choose from three rate plans: 3.9¢, 4.25¢ or 4.5¢ per minute!

PowerNetGlobal IN-bound Toll Free Service is a "Stand-Alone" service so you do NOT have to order out-bound 1+ service from PNG! This service is an excellent choice for parents of College Students. By getting a toll-free number, your children can call home for free from any phone while allowing you to save up to 75% in the process! You can have your toll-free number ring to ANY U.S. phone - including your cell phone if you wish!

Existing PNG customers - click here to add toll free service to your account. Please be sure to include your account number.

Other Toll-Free Services (USA service)
The following toll-free services are available to USA customers who sign up for these companies' low rate long distance services with interstate rates as low as 2.7¢ per minute!

Covista Communications (3.5¢ per minute)
Capsule Communications Long Distance.  Outstanding (USA-48 origination) 1-800 Toll Free service, featuring low intrastate and 3.5¢ interstate rates with 6-second billing increments. Travel Card (10¢/min) Services also available. Online signup. For commercial and residential users. Direct billed via U.S. mail.

OPEX (2.95¢ per minute)
OPEX Long Distance is available to residents of the continental United States. Toll free service is just 2.95 cents/min for interstate calls. Online signup. $2 monthly fee applies for the first inbound line, and 53 cents for each additional inbound line. You must switch your outbound lines to qualify for inbound toll free service. OPEX is available for residential and business users. NOTE: The lowest rates shown apply only in 'Baby Bell' Areas (Pacific Bell, Bell South, Ameritech, US West, Southwest Bell, Bell Atlantic).

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