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Prepaid Long Distance Service

Prepaid Long Distance combines the convenience of conventional long distance plans with the low rates and flexibility of prepaid calling cards. No need to cancel or change any of your long distance or wireless services because Tel3 Prepaid Service works as an alternative long distance solution to help you connect with friends and family worldwide for less money.

You can easily access the service from the convenience of your cell phone, home phone, office number or any other phone that provides access to call toll-free numbers!

Are you tired of getting disconnected mid-conversation when your phone card balance runs out? Use "Automatic Recharge" and your account will conveniently replenish itself to the initial sign up amount when your account balance drops down to $3.00.

Irritated with entering a PIN number every time you make a calling card call? Register all your phone numbers including your cell phone number just once and our system will recognize the Caller ID of the phone numbers you register. With prepaid long distance, you need never enter a PIN again!


Tel3 Advantage Prepaid Features and Benefits:

  • Up to 473 FREE minutes on signup!
  • 1.9¢ per minute (via local access number) for calls within continental USA and Canada!
  • Low International Rates!
  • No hidden charges! (No monthly fees, connection or activation fees, or taxes of any kind!)
  • Choose Automatic Recharge or recharge your account online or over the phone whenever you please!
  • PIN-free dialing!
  • Online Account Management - Monitor all of your your usage and billing online!
  • Portability - Use it at home, the office, on the road and from your cell phones!
  • Multiple accounts for friends and family.
  • Up to 100 speed dial numbers!
  • Click Here to Learn More!


    Who Can Benefit from Prepaid Long Distance Service?

    Prepaid Long Distance is perfect for:

    Cellular Phone Users

    Most cell phone companies do not allow you to make international calls and when they do the rates are ridiculously high! Prepaid long distance expands your cell phone capabilities to international calling. No PIN numbers are necessary and our automatic recharge option prevents your calls from being inconveniently disconnected as a result of a low account balance. Sign up today and start saving on international calls from your cell phone. So what are you waiting for? Use your free night and weekend minutes to save money on all your calls so you don’t even have to worry about using up your airtime!


    Prepaid long distance is "portable" long distance service that is available to you at all times! You can use prepaid long distance from your hotel room and avoid the exhorbitant long distance rates that most hotels charge guests. You can also use this service to call from a pay phone or from a friend’s phone -- all for the same low rates that you'll get from your registered phone numbers.

    Residential Users

    Do you want a long distance service that offers you convenience, flexibility, cost savings and value for your money without binding you to a long-term contract? Prepaid long distance offers a convenient and affordable way for you to keep in touch with friends and loved ones all over the world. You can cut your home phone bill by more than half, without the hassle of switching your home phone service! Prepaid phone service is your economical solution to domestic and international calling.

    Business Users

    Have you ever wanted to change your business long distance service only to realize that you were tied up in a long term contract? Prepaid long distance offers an excellent alternative to your office's current long distance service. With Tel3 Advantage, you'll receive low U.S. and international phone rates together with top-notch connection quality for all your domestic and international calls. There is no contract to sign and you can cancel at any time with no fees or obligations. You'll also have access to all of your call usage and billing information online. See every call you make, the duration and charge of each call. You don’t have to wait for your bill at the end of the month to see how much you've spent. Just go online click on “Customer Login,” to login to your account and print a copy of your detailed call logs or your credit card charges!


    Click Here to Start Saving - Sign Up Today!


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