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Packet8 VoIP Phone Service Unlimited long distance to U.S. & Canadian telephone numbers (and other Packet8 subscribers worldwide) for only $19.95!
CLICK for details!

Prepaid Long Distance combines the savings of calling cards with the convenience of long distance service. Click for  Details!

U.S. and international calling cards

Compare prepaid (including rechargeable calling cards) and billed international calling cards & and save with our low U.S. & international long distance rates!

Prepaid calling cards frequently offer the cheapest long distance rates available; especially for international phone calls. Prepaid calling cards can also help you to control your spending. With prepaid phonecards, you'll never be surprised by an expensive phone bill!

Unlike calling with regular direct dial long distance, using prepaid calling cards won't contribute to racking up unexpected bills. Using calling cards can actually help you to budget your phone usage! Also, if you need to make many phone calls while away from home, calling cards are useful because you can use them from any touchtone telephone; all you need is your unique pin number!

Do keep in mind that many prepaid calling cards have high connection charges, maintenance fees, high billing increments, and expiration dates.

--- A notable exception is the Click4Prepaid Rechargeable Calling Card! ---

Click4Prepaid Calling Card
Our #1 Rated Rechargeable Calling Card for callers in the USA!

Click4Prepaid calling cards offer some of the lowest calling rates in the industry and unlike with most prepaid calling cards, your purchased talk time is good for one full year. And with Click4Prepaid's convenient new "PIN Free Direct Access" feature, you can make calls from up to four different telephone numbers without having to enter your PIN number! Additionally, Click4Prepaid phone cards can be quickly recharged online at any time and each time you recharge your card, your one-year expiration date is reset.*

Click4Prepaid Calling Card Rates from USA

Add 4¢ min from Hawaii & Canada.
Add 8¢ min from Guam, PR, Saipan & US VI.
Add 20¢ min from Alaska.
Key Features of Click4Prepaid rechargeable calling cards:
Only 5¢ per minute for U.S. calls!
Toll Free Access
LOW international calling rates!
Online Call Details
Low 3¢ Connection fee
No Hidden Charges
True One Minute Rounding
Instant No-Fee Activation
Instant No-Fee Recharging
Clear Digital Phone Lines
24 hour toll free customer service!
PIN Free Direct Access!
Save 1.5¢/min. by using local access numbers in over 20 states!

With Click4Prepaid you won't be surprised by any hidden fees because Click4Prepaid has NO hidden fees at all. There are no maintenance fees, monthly fees, or accounting fees whatsoever!

Click4Prepaid has one of the smallest connection fees in the industry at 3¢ and this connection fee is waived when you use a local access number. This charge applies to their quality reassurance that all lines are being connected clear and reliably at all times. Other companies charge way too much for this service, while others charge hidden fees such as maintenance fees or profit by rounding calls in more than 1 minute increments. For example, a carrier can advertise a 1 minute call let's say at 7¢ a minute. Rounded at 3 minute increments, it will cost your pocket 21¢; thus they make 14¢ from the unused 2 minutes you are charged.

With calls from pay phones, there is a FCC regulated 30¢ surcharge which is required and beyond any carrier's control. This fee goes directly to the pay phone company. Be very cautious to consider ALL the charges you receive from other carriers. With Click4Prepaid, you get full online access to your call charges, so there's absolutely nothing that can or will be hidden!

*Cards over 3 months old with call credit under 25¢ will be cancelled. Cards that have unused credit will be cancelled one year after first use.

Learn more about Click4Prepaid!
Order a Click4Prepaid rechargeable calling card and start saving today!

Have you found a lower rate card? Watch out for hidden fees. When comparing phone cards, be sure that you read all the fine print carefully, or else you could end up paying a lot more than you want to.

PNG Postpaid Calling Card
Great international rates from the USA and Canada!

PNG Travel Card PNG Postpaid Travel Calling Card
PNG is one of the few long distance companies that offers Stand-Alone Travel Card service. Now you don't have to sign up any outbound services in order to receive excellent billed international rates. All PNG Travel Cards come with the international access activated, meaning you can call to anywhere in the world from anywhere in North America (48 Continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and even Canada)! You are charged for usage only. All calls are billing in 6-second increments with 30 seconds minimum per call. The PNG Travel Card is perfect for people on the go, business travelers, and military personnel. Each Travel Card has built-in fraud controls. Specifically, each card comes with a $100 maximum usage limit. To either report your card lost or stolen, or to increase your credit limit, just call the helpful and friendly PNG Customer Service - open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week!

Global Origination Calling Cards
For use from around the world!

Prepaid Cards

Cloncom Calling Cards Cloncom Prepaid Calling Cards
Offers an excellent selection calling cards (featuring some of the lowest rates on the market) to call from and to virtually any country in the world. Rechargeable cards with optional automatic recharging are also available at this site. Looking for a refill card for your prepaid cell phone? Cloncom offers instant wireless refill cards!
Prepaid Card Search
Prepaid Card Search Global Prepaid Cards offers global prepaid cards with low U.S. rates and outstanding international rates from quality providers like AT&T. Many of the calling cards, such as the Jupiter Rechargeable Calling Card, have no connection charges, no maintenance fees, and PIN free access!
Enjoy Prepaid Long Distance
Enjoy Prepaid Long Distance
Annoyed with paying too much for long distance? Irritated with entering a PIN number every time you want to place a call? Sick of getting disconnected mid-conversation when your phone card balance gets too low? With Enjoy Prepaid, you can enjoy the savings of your phone cards, but never need to enter a PIN again! At your option, you can have your account recharge automatically and avoid unwanted disconnections. Travelling? You can use the same Enjoy Prepaid account to call to and from countries around the world!

Postpaid Cards

CogniCall Calling Card CogniCall Postpaid Global Calling Card
The CogniCall Calling Card is perfectly suited for the world traveler. It functions both as a discounted domestic U.S. 6.9¢ per minute calling card AND you can take it outside the U.S. to use from over 50 countries worldwide while enjoying low international rates and high quality connections. There is no per-call surcharge, period. Six-second billing increments. CogniCall has NO activation and NO monthly statement fee. All billing is online, so you can access your account at any time.
AccuGlobe Calling Card AccuGlobe Postpaid Global Calling Card
The AccuGlobe Calling Card offers outstanding international rates and can be used from over 45 different countries! There is no per-call surcharge with the exception of payphone calls. Online signup. Web call details, automatic credit card payment available. Billed monthly. A $1 fee applies each month you use the card. Calls are billed in 6 second increments after the first 30 seconds from when you call the toll-free access number in the country you're dialing from. AccuGlobe also offers a terrific U.S. domestic rate of just 5.9¢ per minute!

Other Calling Cards
Compare calling card rates and save!

Cognigen Calling Cards - Prepaid AND POSTPAID Calling Cards for users in the USA and many other countries!

Cognigen offers a variety of both prepaid and postpaid calling cards from quality companies. Postpaid calling cards have no expiration dates since you pay for your minutes after you use them. Many can be used from non U.S. countries.


Cognigen Domestic & International Calling Card Rate Calculator

Calling From:
Calling To:
Call Duration:

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