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Business Long Distance Service featuring Low U.S. and International Rates

We offer several distinct business long distance plans which are customized for small, medium and large volume phone use.

Our U.S. and international calling rates are among the lowest in the industry! We also offer dedicated T1 services. T1 service is often an ideal solution for companies with multiple offices or locations which need to send vital data back and forth to one another. Business and government users who can benefit from T1 dedicated solutions include: real estate companies, doctors (who need to meet government requirements for safe transfer of data to a central service), CPAs, fire departments (who need to file reports on each call with a central service), e-commerce sites, hotels/resorts, and manufacturing firms. If your company's long distance costs are getting out of hand, we invite you to compare our services with what you presently have. You'll be glad you did!

Business Long Distance Plans
Switched Long Distance Service for Businesses
We invite you to try our switched business long distance rate calculator to instantly compare all of our top rated switched business long distance plans to help you find the long distance plan that will best meet your needs.
Switched Business Long Distance Service Rate Comparison Calculator
First 6 Digits of Your US Phone Number:
Domestic Calls:
State-to-State Minutes Per Month: (including toll free inbound)
In-State Minutes Per Month: (including toll free inbound)
Number of Outbound Lines
Number of Toll Free Lines
International calls:
Calls To: minutes
Calls To: minutes
Calls To: minutes

Dedicated Phone and Data Line Service for Businesses
Shop For T1 Service

T1 Services (Voice and Data Lines)

Get an instant real time T1 line rate quote! We will find you the highest quality T1 voice and data service providers at the lowest possible cost. We guarantee it! Our T1 price comparison service compares the best dedicated service vendors throughout North America - including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Canada! Once you see how good our rates are, you can easily arrange to have one of our T1 expert representatives contact you to help answer any questions you may have about T1 services in general or about our T1 services in particular. And we don't just offer T1 service! Our dedicated service offerings include all of the following: Business DSL service, T1 service, fractional T1 service, multiple T1 service, fractional DS3 service, DS3 service, dedicated OC3, OC12 and OC48 services, frame relay service, virtual private networks (VPN), point to point, server colocation, and managed hosting.

VAR Search Tool for Businesses

Do you need an expert technician or hardware expert to help you with set up and/or service for network devices (routers, hubs, etc.), telephone systems (PBX, switches, etc.), wiring and cabling, computer service and/or other office equipment needs? Our Real-Time VAR Search Tool can help!

Real-Time VAR Search Tool
Enter Your Zip Code:

Available VAR Service and Equipment Categories:
  • Telephone Systems
  • Network Devices
  • VoIP Equipment and Service
  • Wiring and Cabling
  • POS Systems
  • Data Management and Recovery
  • Computer Hardware Service
  • Computer Software Support
  • Printer Service
  • Photocopier / Fax / Multifunction Service
  • Video Devices
  • Consulting Services
  • End User Training
  • Certifications
  • Office Relocation

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